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Hey guys, long time no talk ;~;
I’m sorry! To make up for not being so active on this blog, I have found out a way for all you lovely peeps to get a free alpaca (or a really good deal on the larger alapacas!)
The website TOM is currently having a coupon where you can get $5 off and free shipping!
Also, if you guys use my invite link (here) when you sign up via that link you’ll receive $5 plus when you sign up you get a welcoming gift of $5 off too! ;u; 
So basically you’ll get $10 and free ship!!! (An alpaca on the site ranges from $9.99 to $32.99 so you can get the small alpaca for free uwu)
After you sign up remember to use THIS COUPON (you need it for the free ship!!! bc shipping is expensive :c) for the $5 off the alpacas and free shipping!
If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask and I’ll love to help! I just really want to let anyone who wants a cute and fluffy alpaca to get one yeee ♡ (ps you don’t have to use my invite link if you don’t wanna! it’ll just be very nice hehe)
Loving You (1,2,3) Cover
히나인 (feat.원써겐)

Loving You (1,2,3) by berrykissu

disclaimer: My Korean sucks and this was just for fun, I know I can’t sing. This song has just been stuck in my head okay.

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